About our game

Souls Reflection is a 2D Action Puzzle game about working together with your friend to battle through monsters and to find a way out!


To move around use the WASD keys and to attack use the Left mouse button.
To switch bodies with your friend's soul use the Right mouse button.

We made this game for the GMTK Game Jam 2021 with the theme "Joined Together".

All art was made by MrSxythe,  Misterawesome01 & Stefan Pijnacker.
All sound efects were made by Misterawesome01 and the music was bought from Humble Bundle.
The game was coded by KingDwarf, Misterawesome01, MrSxythe, Rink, Stefan Pijnacker & ZoranSter


Windows Build.rar 20 MB


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Clever! Thoroughly enjoyed this game. I love how it fits the theme.


Very well done! It is really satisfying to solve these puzzles :D


Love the music and game mechanics, definitely one of the best I've seen this Jam